Best IRA Gold For Solid Investing

When you’re deciding on the best IRA gold to put into your retirement fund, you have more than a few options. The IRS does have requirements that you need to meet. There’s only so much approved gold for IRA, just like there’s only so much approved silver for IRA. You don’t need to sweat the details, however, as a good gold IRA custodian will ensure that you stay within IRS regulations. And if you’re wondering, “is gold IRA safe,” then the answer is a resounding yes, provided you follow all the rules.

best ira gold


Best IRA Gold

Technically speaking, there is no best IRA gold. You’re good to go as long as the gold you purchase through your gold IRA custodian is approved gold for IRA. All of your gold will hold the same value, which is influenced by the weight and the market price at the moment. The format your gold takes – bullion, coins, etc. – is entirely up to you and is more or less a matter of preference.

While the condition of the gold is a factor in investing, it’s a very minor factor when it comes to value. Additionally, it doesn’t apply in this scenario because you’re buying from an approved seller through a custodian. They have to meet certain standards, which we’ll touch on briefly.

If you were personally selling to a collector, things would be different. If they collected coins, for example, and your coins were in poor condition, that collector might see less value in them. That is a very special scenario, though. To repeat: the value of gold is determined by the market price and the weight of the gold. It’s as simple as that.

Approved Gold for IRA

One can invest in four precious metals gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The rules regarding what forms of these metals you can and can’t put into an IRA have loosened considerably over the years. At one time, precious metal IRAs were limited to gold and silver, with the only acceptable products being American Eagle gold and silver coins.

Fortunately, that list has since expanded greatly. Furthermore, the metal in question doesn’t need to be American in origin, either. While American Eagle coins are still a popular choice, as are U.S. Buffalo coins, but one could always purchase Australian Kangaroo, Canadian Maple Leaf, Austrian Philharmonic, or even Chinese Panda coins. For bird lovers, there’s also the Australian Kookaburra coin.

You don’t have to go with coins, either. As your gold IRA custodian can tell you, you can also purchase gold bars for your retirement account. There are several types of bars approved by the IRS, such as Royal Canadian Mint, Sunshine Mint, Credit Suisse, Johnson Matthey, and several, several more variations. These bars come from various mints, just as with coins, and there’s a variety of sizes. This means that there are differences in weight, so not all bars are equal in value. Again, this is something that you can discuss with your gold IRA custodian. The best IRA gold is simply whatever appeals to you the most.

Approved Silver for IRA

The same rules that dictate what gold you can put in your IRA also apply to silver (and other precious metals, for that matter). Obviously, the approved silver for IRA consists of different products than the accepted gold products, but there is a bit of crossover. As mentioned before, for example, there are also American Eagle silver coins. You can also get Canadian Maple Leaf and Chinese Panda coins in silver, just as you can with gold.

Silver investors can also choose products like America the Beautiful coins, or British Britannia coins, though the latter is only approved if they were minted in 2013 or afterward. The British Britannia coins minted prior to 2013 didn’t have a high enough purity to be IRA-eligible. There are also silver variations of both the Australian Kangaroo and Kookaburra coins.

Just like with the best IRA gold, silver investments are not limited to coins. There are plenty of silver bars to choose from, covering a multitude of sizes. There is plenty of approved silver for IRA. A good custodian will walk you through everything that the various sellers have to offer. If a particular seller doesn’t have the product you want, you can always try someone else. And if the people asking “are gold IRAs safe?” are wondering the same thing about silver IRAs, the answer once again is yes.

When talking about approved products, keep in mind that circumstances can change. The IRS is regularly adding new products to the approved list. This means that if you have your heart set on a certain coin that isn’t allowed, it’s worth keeping an eye on. For example, the South African Krugerrand gold coin was not IRA-eligible due to its lower purity. However, once coins with higher purity were minted, they became eligible.

Purity Levels and Other Requirements

When it comes to the IRS rules about investing in precious metals, it’s not just about the product that you’re investing in. There are other factors that need to be considered. Again, this responsibility falls to your gold IRA custodian and the seller they’re buying from. However, it’s your money, and it’s good to know what rules they need to follow.

For example, there’s the aforementioned purity requirement. Gold products must be at least 99.5% pure. The requirement for silver is more strict at 99.9%. For both platinum and palladium, the requirement is a very serious 99.95%. Remember, these rules are designed to protect you, the investor, more than anything else.

In addition to the minting standards, the products must be produced by either a national government mint or a refinery or manufacturer that is certified by one of the following organizations: COMEX, ISO 9000, LBMA, LME, LPPM, NYMEX, NYSE, or TOCOM. Small bars must meet exact weight specifications and non-proof coins must be free from damage. Finally, proof coins must be sealed in their original mint packaging with their accompanying certificate of authenticity.

These are the standards that we referred to above. Yes, precious metals must be in excellent condition to qualify for IRA investment, but any accredited manufacturer isn’t going to be selling products in poor condition. There’s no reason for you to worry.

Are Gold IRA Safe?

In this instance, “safe” can have a few different meanings. If you’re asking if a gold or precious metals IRA is a safe investment, there’s no surefire answer. It’s a gamble, as is any investment. If you invest in precious metal and the value of that metal drops, you could lose money. Fortunately, many experts agree that, in the long run, precious metals present a stable investment opportunity.

If the question “Are gold IRA safe” asks if IRAs are trustworthy, the answer is an unequivocal yes. These accounts are regulated and insured by countless legitimate businesses and organizations. Of course, overseeing it all is the Internal Revenue Service, which operates under the jurisdiction of the United States government. So no, IRAs are not pyramid schemes or anything remotely suspicious. They are trusted accounts with which millions secure their retirement.

Precious Metals Storage

One of the reasons that precious metals IRAs are so secure is that metals are stored in IRS-approved depositories. By law, IRA owners are not allowed to store the metals themselves. While this might be a deal breaker for some, others will see it as a definite benefit. Not only will these depositories be far safer than any home setup one might possess, but it also means that your metals will be insured, just like the money in your bank account.

You’ll have plenty of options despite being forced to store your metals elsewhere. Just as with approved gold for IRA and approved silver for IRA, several IRS-approved storage locations across the country exist. Your gold IRA custodian shouldn’t have any issue finding one that suits your needs.

Our Guide to the Best IRA Gold

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